9 May 2016

5 Things that have happened to me since I last posted.

The Last time I had a go at  blogging was about 4 years ago.
So what's happened since then?

I lost my job!
I got made redundant from the place I worked for 10 years which was a bit of a shock!

I got new work.
Not a permanent job but agency work driving Fork Trucks at a distribution centre in Dunstable. It's ok, and the good thing is I only live 1 mile away do I don't need a car anymore.

I discovered Paracord!
It's amazing how one hobby (Geocaching) can morph into another hobby i.e, making and selling things made from Paracord. but more about that another time.

I make youtube videos
Mainly tutorials on how to tie knots, keyrings, and bracelets made from paracord.

I put on weight.
Sitting around on fork trucks all day and not doing much in the evenings helps you put on a lot of weight. I'm working on that one doing a lot more cycling and running to lose some lbs

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